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UR Global | We are experts in management of ICT and Start Up subsidiaries in LATAM

We are  a Spanish company with more than 100 professionals on the payroll and over 10 years of experience in the development and implantation of Comprehensive Internationalization Projects, Commercial and Productive Implantations, and that throughout its development has specialized in the comprehensive management of the required services by the subsidiaries in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru. We assist throughout the whole implantation process with a professional team highly qualified in accounting, legal, fiscal, labour, administrative and banking management.

We offer comprehensive solutions and a global perspective of the specific needs of each market.

We are facilities-based in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, to provide business center and warehouses with specialized personnel in logistic management for the companies that commercialize with product.

Each year, we provide Administration, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Imports and General Services to over 300 companies.


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